Blanca Networks

We are the network

Blanca Networks is a state-of-the-art, high speed communications provider focused on providing fast, efficient, and reliable communication technology. We use the most innovative technology to give you the best user experience. We’re a provider known for PROVIDING.

We are locals who innovate. Innovators who are local. With a heavy background and strong emphasis on delivery, we have the history, knowledge, and ability to deliver at a higher level. With our state of the art delivery system, we deliver a different kind of communication experience: FIBER.

Our foundation

Local Roots

Since 1926, we’ve been a staple of the Southern Colorado community. Fortified by years of excellence, our network is the most innovative, efficient, and reliable network in the Blanca/Ft. Garland area. We dig deep to provide top service to our clients. We carry top speeds so hop on the network.

One Team

Made by the people, for the people. Our team consists of expertly trained local professionals working together to provide you with the best service possible.



Innovation · Technologies · Community 

Customer Wow

Devotion, honesty, and character – these are the values of Blanca Networks. We are devoted to providing you with the best technology and service at all times. We are honest about rates and pricing points. Our character is defined by our desire to see our community grow.

Trail Blazing

Older than the San Luis Valley’s medical systems, we have been – and continue to be – the most progressive telecommunication company in southern Colorado. We are the first to implement a fiber optic network to our members – and it’s also the fastest in the area.

We’re one of four internet providers in Colorado that are gig certified. That means our internet is up to 100 times faster than the internet found in most American homes.